Kinds of Celtic Claddagh Rings

Published: 26th March 2012
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Is your partner of Celtic origin? If he is, then there's no better symbol of your wedding or engagement than a Celtic Claddagh ring. Celtic Claddagh rings are beautiful and contain ancient symbolism. There are a number of fashions of Celtic Claddagh rings available today. Some are designed with large symbols joined to form rings and some have text engraved on them round the band. But all of them have the traditional design of the Claddagh rings and that is a crown, a heart and two hands.

Differing types of Celtic Claddagh rings say something you and your affection for each other. There are a variety of designs available when it comes to selecting Celtic Claddagh rings. From Gaelic words, to Irish symbols and Celtic knot work, you will find these rings in nearly every Celtic design. Regardless of which type of Celtic ring you select, it might be a great memento of your feelings for the one that you love and of course, your Celtic origin. Nevertheless when it comes down to purchasing Celtic Claddagh rings, there are a number of things that you may want to consider.

The first and one of the most important things to have a look at is the style of the ring. Each style has a different focus and now we're going to look at the numerous styles of rings which are available. One of them is the Celtic wedding ring. These rings feature the traditional Celtic patterns which are the Celtic knots on the band. The knots are often divided or they can be constant as well. Some rings also feature Celtic symbols like spirals, moon symbols, sun as well as animals.

Then there are the Irish marriage bands. Irish wedding bands are different because they include Gaelic text on the outside of the band. Although some of the designs do include Celtic symbols, the primary attraction is the text. The wonderful thing about the ring is in the text as it puts feelings out into words. These are unique engagements and wedding rings which may certainly attract attention.

Another style is the traditional Claddagh rings. Claddagh rings are very popular across the globe due to its symbolism and significance. These rings are generally used in Ireland as marriage and engagement bands. Because this ring has a gorgeous history attached to it, folk from across the world like to add this ring to their collection. For people that are not married anticipate using this ring on their engagement and wedding. The best thing about Claddagh rings is that dependent on how the ring is worn, it can serve as many different rings.

An important thing to note about this ring is that it has two clasping hands, a heart in the middle and a crown on top of the heart. This ring can be given to chums and used as marriage and engagement bands. When it is given to friends, it must be worn on the right hand finger with the heart pointing in the outward direction. If it is given to a lover before engagement or wedding has occurred, it has to be worn on the right hand with the heart pointing in the inward direction. Nevertheless if it is given as an engagement or wedding band, it must be worn on the left hand ring finger. This indicates that the person is committed.

Celtic claddagh rings are the ones which include the Celtic artwork as well the design of the traditional Claddagh ring. Celtic Claddagh rings create a special bond between 2 . These have a higher degree of symbolism compared to other types of rings. Although engagement and wedding rings mean a lot to folk who wear them, Celtic Claddagh rings are extremely symbolical for the love between the couple.

Knots which are commonly utilized in Celtic artwork suggest the deep love between 2 people. A knot that cannot be unfastened is perhaps history's most natural outline for love and oneness. If you are from a Celtic origin or Irish heritage, Celtic Claddagh rings are the simplest way to show that. It is the best gift you can give to a loved one. It is the best kind of ring that can be used in engagements and marriages.

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